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JA slide show


Prestigious companies such as Lufthansa, Duravit, Sennheiser, Evian, Boston Consulting Group, Smart, REWE-Gruppe, Endesa, Beck's and 3M have relied on our services.

14.09 - 16.09.2007
The group incentive trips to reward EVIAN with the best sellers in the German market. During 4 days the sellers have various activities on site including show-cooking and cocktail show.

15.05 - 18.05.2009
Becks group, wanted to hold an event of incentives to motivate their employees, in a rural environment and ecology. Becks group, wanted to hold an event of incentives to teach and motivate their employees in a relaxed atmosphere.

02.06 - 07.06.2008
Motorola group, an event offered an incentive for their employees in our Hotel Casal Santa Eulalia, where you could combine the work program, with activities in the hotel and visiting the most outstanding areas of our environment.

02.06 - 07.06.2008
The division of Skin & Wound Care of the German branch of the 3M company for four days held a seminar at our facilities. Work perfectly combined with sessions from 9 hours a day, and entertainment.


Petits Detalls

We know how important are the little details.